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Some extracts from LEGACY book

Author N. Ellion

“When his father died as a young man, Miller found a diary that had belonged to his Jewish ancestor from Frankfurt's Jugendgasse, a man named Moses Harriman. The latter's best friend, Mayer Rothschild, had sent him in 1773, under the seal of secrecy, to the New World, to infiltrate the political sphere and lay the foundations of a secret society (…) The central question for him was: did this secret society still exist, and had it succeeded in taking root?...”

“Miller was frozen with amazement, dread and horror.

The bonds of his destiny united to that of the President had just been brutally severed. The pain had not invaded him yet. (…)

One of the greatest presidents, and a very dear friend, had just disappeared, killed before he could finalize their secret plan. The world would never know what John F. Kennedy really wanted to accomplish. The Johnson administration would totally change the policy, that was a certainty…”

"For this quest, his first target was the neighbor's cat. He didn't want to kill him stupidly. He crucified him on a wooden panel, until he contemplated the rivulets of blood that escaped from the legs of the animal, which he ended up cutting with pliers. He was hypnotized by the convulsions of his dying prey. The panic of the cells, which created disorder before the end. And this physical suffering which tortured the features of this poor beast, the meaning of which still escaped him and which fascinated him..."

Gérald Potertton, a great man of cinema nominated three times for the Oscars in the short film category

Gérald Potertton, a great man of cinema nominated three times for the Oscars in the short film category. 

It is a privilege to have collaborated with “Gerry”   for the recording of the English audiobook. Thank you Gerry. N.Ellion

Gérald Potertton, tells us some excerpts from the book Héritage

The notebook

Miller Harris



James Bradford

Financial Magnates

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